A Hot and Lazy Sunday and Re-Working Soap

Sometimes you're just not completely satisfied with how a soap turns out. Such was the case with Oh, Happy Day! I loved the scent, and I loved the layer, but I was aiming for a more yellow layer. Think smiley face yellow. Instead I got an orangey yellow on the first try. Soooooo...back to the drawing board.

Now you never know when inspiration will strike. But as I was cleaning out some soap from the December show that had lost alot of scent, as soaps made with essential oils will do, I just sort of played around with some soap shavings and bits of yellow soap and...
...this is the happy result. A happier looking soap having a party on top! And happily the customers liked it. I have a few bars left but will be adding it to the permanent line up.

The other soap that got re-worked this year was Lavender Gypsy Rose. Like citrus essential oils, the rosewood I was using just did not hold very long in the soap. The addition of two more deliciously decadent essential oils resulted in a very lovely mix that smells exactly like a bouquet of fresh roses. I made no change to the beautiful pink color (which did not photograph well here), or the ground rose petals in the soap and on top.

You know how fickle I can be! Naturally this is my new favorite! I will be using this same combo of essential oils for a special goats milk soap called...Rosy Goat!

I've escaped the heat of the day long enough and must head outside for more watering...

...or more of this...I think a lavender margarita might be in order!

Have a happy summer day!



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