Just a Quick Note About Where I'll Be This Weekend

Good morning everyone!

I just have a quick blog post this morning. Last year I did the festival in Apache, but I wanted to let you all know I will not be there this year. By the time I signed up they were pretty full, so I will be at the Lawton Farmer's Market on south Sheridan in front of the Great Plains Coliseum from 7:30-Noon.

The Lavender is starting to really come on strong and I will have fresh bundles.

Plus all the lavender soaps, and an assortment of lavender products.  You just never know what I will bring. Such a happy surprise!

I have been defoliating the dried field bundles from last year.

If you bought bundles last year and want to de-bud them, it's an easy process. I just put the top in a plastic zip loc bag and roll gently back and forth. The buds fall off easily and I pick out the leaves and stem pieces, and voila! You can stuff a sachet, make potpourri, put in a bowl by your bed...so many things you can do!

Once they are defoliated, don't throw away the leftover dried stalks. There's still lots of fragrant oil left in them. I have sold them to people who make their own incense. They form it on the dried lavender stalk. But you can also just light one end and let it send off a fragrant smoke. Toss in your fire pit, soak and use on your grill, under your meats, in you smoker. The whole plant is useful!

See you Saturday!
All the best,


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