Newest Soap for Saturday: Chocolate Covered Orange! Oh Yeah! Now You Can Take a Bath in Chocolate!

Do you love these?

Or these?

Then you're gonna love these!

Smells just like chocolate covered orange! Because that's what it is! All layered up. A layer of orange topped with a big layer of chocolate. Our soaps are all natural, nothing synthetic, no artificial colorants. The chocolate is actually cocoa and the orange color is from a little paprika. Of course there is lavender essential oil, there always is, plus orange and bergamot to add that lucious smell. And cocoa...well it smells like chocolate!

Also back tomorrow...Oh, Bug Off! I expect some constructive feedback from everyone who is trying this soap. I know it works for me, but does it work for you? We're all created differently, after all.

I have 80 bars of Lavender Lemongrass for those of you who are making a donation to the food bank. And I want to give them all away. Remember it has to be a 28 ounce or larger jar of peanut butter AND a jar of jelly to get the free soap! If we give them all away you will receive a voucher for the following Saturday, June 18. Turkey Creek Lavender and the Lawton Food Bank thank you!

See you at the market!
Cathy : )


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