Happy 2012!

I just couldn't let the day pass without wishing all of you a wonderful 2012. I love the first day of a new year...so full of promise and plans. It would be very remiss of me not to thank all of you for your constant support and encouragement for Turkey Creek...for the business...the farm...and for me personally. I couldn't do it without you. So, THANK YOU! (Yes, I know typing in caps is shouting! I'm shouting!)

I look forward to seeing your smiling faces every year at the Lawton Farmer's Market, at the shows, and just around town. You make it all worthwhile. And there are big changes coming to the business. I usually take some time in January to re-think things, write a new business plan, look at the progress, or lack of progress, in the previous year, what I can do differently, and better in the coming year. You know...reassess, realign, redo, remake, refresh...that sort of thing.

Then I get really excited. Really, really excited! Stoked! Fired up! Full of ideas I know you will love! And I can't wait to get started!

So, from my family to yours...

a very, very heartfelt...HAPPY NEW YEAR!

All the best,


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