Field to Table, Literally

Most of you already know my husband loves to hunt. Correction: Lives to hunt. We eat alot of wild game around here. Alot. Over the weekend he took Molly and Sukie duck and goose hunting. No ducks on this day, but he did get a large goose, which was dutifully retrieved by the girls.
Molly is on the left and Sukie is on the right.

Now, if you've never eaten a wild goose, you might not realize just how large and meaty the breast meat is. Kind of like a dense roast. When cooked just right it is better than the best steak. Over the years, through much trial and error, and more error, I have found the best, and most delicious, way to cook goose breast is to first, marinate it. Second, wrap it in bacon. And third, grill it over charcoal. (Although smoking it comes a close second.) Cutting the goose breast in large 2 inch chunks helps it cook quicker and keeps it from drying out. KEY here is to cook it no more than medium to, at the very most, medium-well. Like all meats it will continue to cook once you take it off the grill. (We cook it to medium, then see how much more it cooks once we take it off, and if it's too red, we microwave it a few seconds. Better to take it off a little too rare than let it dry out and get tough. Non one likes that. Yuck.)

Steakhouse-type marinades are my first choice. Today I used Lawry's Signature Steakhouse Marinade and wrapped the goose chunks in thick pepper bacon, also a delicious choice. (If you don't use pepper bacon, sprinkling on Grill Mates is a good alternative.)

It was like eating succulent little filets. Alongside the goose, a nice Santa Rita Cabernet Sauvignon. (Oh yeah, a baked potato and garden salad, too.)

Just a little piece of my world. It was just so darned good I had to share. So if you, or your significant other, hunt, but never cook, your goose...if you enjoy the hunt, but give the game away...and you know who you are! Stop. You'll like this. I promise. And if you don't, I'll be happy to take that goose off your hands. : )


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