Totally Fun Day at the Market!

What a way to start the season! Bedding plants, Woods and Waters wine, Pepper Creek Farm deliciousness, an array of lettuces, onions, tomatoes, farm fresh eggs, more plants, soap, more plants, crafters...really great morning! A huge thank you to everyone who came out this morning! As always, wonderful to see old friends, and make new ones! Nice of you guys to eke out the last little dib of soap all winter until you can get re-supplied in the spring! Seriously people, you can always email me! I do love that you love it so much. It makes it all worthwhile! : )

I was a serious slacker in the photo department though. Sorry about that. I managed to catch three fur babies who came to the market today. This is Kato, aka "the cat in the stroller." I couldn't get Kato to look my way however. Typical cat. Ignore the people. I was amazed he rode around in the stroller. Never once attempted to escape or leave his comfy ride. I kept wondering if he was named after Kato from the Pink Panther series...hmmm...have to ask next time.

This is Rex, Katos dog brother. Don't let appearances fool you. He was large but quiet, preferring little people to big people with cameras. I'm sure he was thinking, "Seriously? Papparazzi at the farmer's market?" or "Fine, if you have to." Rex was very patient.

Lastly, we have Jehu, pronounced Jee-hoo, as in King Jehu from the Old Testament. I can see that. He's going to be very kingly when he grows up. English Bulldog puppies...what's not to love!

In honor of opening day I broke out the last container of my garlic scape pesto from last year. Slathered on some angel hair pasta with a side of the first homegrown tomatoes of the season, it's a fitting lunch don't you think?

If you missed today...well...we'll be there next Saturday, too! Hope to see you then!

If you bring your fur baby and I fail to take a pic, please remind me!


Jenny Johnson said…
We purchased some wonderful soap last weekend. Smells fantastic, and I know you'll be seeing a lot of us at the market this summer!
Cathy said…
Hi Jenny, thank you so much!!! So glad you like it. :) I look forward to seeing you all summer long!! Hugs! Cathy
Sounds like a great day at the market and what cute dogs too!
Anonymous said…
I would LOVE to visit there, but I've looked and looked on your site for town, location, directions and find none. If you could email me the above, my email address is

Thank you so much!!
Cathy said…
Hi jitteryjudy. I emailed you from my gmail account so hopefully you will get that. If you click on the Lawton Farmer's Market link under "Where to find TCL Products" it will take you to the SWOK Growers site. In addition to listing the address it will have a link with a map. The market is at the Comanche County Fairgrounds, 920 S. Sheridan, Lawton, OK. Let me know if I can help you further!

All the best,

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