Baby Goats and Soap for Saturday

It was recently brought to my attention that I shared baby got pictures on Facebook but failed to provide blog readers with a glimpse of  the spring arrivals. So, for your viewing pleasure, a look at Eva's little loves.

Curious baby

The herd

More twins

Someone loves their mother!

Baby La Mancha

Spots first baby

Playful head butting

Chert, the father of all!

Chert watching over his herd of girls

Minty Goat

Sleepy Goat

Sleepy goat in bar form

Goat Milk with Calendula

Now you see what we've been up to! So many babies make for lots of goat milk. This Saturday for the opening day of the Lawton Farmer's Market we will have both goat milk and vegan soap available. Still all natural, still only made with essential oils, in small batches, by hand, by me.

Look forward to seeing you Saturday! 


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