Early Morning Frolic

Slightly cloudy and overcast, but the dogs don't care. They just want to run, and chase sticks, and dig turnips.

Beau and Sarge are off  in the woods somewhere chasing bunnies and squirrels, but Molly and Sukie stick close by hoping I'll throw things for them to chase and retrieve.  And I do. Usually sticks, sometimes turnips, occasionally training dummies.

We have a lovely yellow field just full of flowering turnips and wildflowers. Sometimes you can barely see the dogs as they tear through the field.

There you are! My sweet-faced Sukie! Such a happy girl.

It won't be long before we plow under the cover crop and plant sunflowers. For now we'll just enjoy the view. You can see the upper lavender. The Fat Spike Grosso is really starting to green up. Won't be long!

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