The Quandry of Booth Design...and a Thank You

Booth design.{Sigh} I'm always in a quandry about booth design. My booth arrangement has definitely improved from my first show two years ago. I tried making it a sort of shop you could walk into, but I quickly found out it gets verrrry crowded in a 10 x 10 booth when you have people trying to shop, look and pay at the same time. What you didn't know was that my son and I made a PVC frame for those "curtains" the day before, that I sewed said curtains the night before, and that I had to change in the locker room and rush off to a Field Artillery Ball. I just felt lucky to pull it all off. And I felt blessed and thankful that you loved everything we brought with us to that first show!

 For our most recent event at the Craft Harvest Show here in Lawton I had a nice end spot and took advantage of that fact by placing the tables in an inverted U with my son and myself in the middle. This allowed the shoppers to walk completely around the displays from the outside. It worked very well, except that every once in awhile I had my back to people. I hate that, 'cause I like to talk to everyone!

This weekend we have the Christ Kindl Market at Ft. Sill on Saturday and Sunday. This time I have a corner aisle booth in the middle. Not sure quite what to do, but I was thinking about opening it up for people to walk through at an angle. Perhaps having more vertical elements...Any thoughts? I'm always open to suggestions. Even though I've worked in retail over the years, arranging shoes, clothes, signage, window displays and so forth, it's not quite the same as arranging soap and lavender!

Thank you! I wanted to take a minute and thank all of you for stopping by our booth, and for loving our products. As you know, lavender is near and dear to my heart, and I always enjoy visiting with each and every one of you about our lavender farm, growing and harvesting the plants, the million uses for lavender, and our all natural soap and lavender products.

I will again have teas, including Lavender, Lavender Mint, Lavender Earl Grey (my fave!), Lavender Lemongrass, and Lavender Chamomile, plus soap and bath bomb gift sets, and assorted gift baskets, at the Christ Kindl show, and, for those of you who love our Lavender Lemongrass soap...the Lemongrass candles arrived this week!

Gift Boxes will be available. Perfect for teachers, neighbors,
friends, yourself!

Lavender gift basket!

Lavender tea in a mug. Very calming!

And don't forget, suggestions are always welcome. We are a small, but rapidly growing business, and, trust me, our growth is fast outpacing my limited knowledge!

I look forward to seeing you this weekend!!


Setting up a booth is such a tough thing to do! How to present your product in the best light & get people to look at everything before wandering on...

Each year I put together a table at our local Craft Sale, I change things up. Certain things work one year, but don't the next year.

People will always ask what something is or how much something is even when there are labels & stickers all over the place. I think that talking with people is the key - getting someone excited about something they've never heard of before or never thought to try is so much fun!
Cathy said…
I never seem to get the same type of spot so it seems I am forced to be inventive each time! Tomorrow I arranged the tables on the front and aisle edges. We'll see how that goes. I've been known to completely change it on the second day of a show. I have to say, when the chandelier is all lit up it is a show stopper. If I were selling lighting I could sell 20 of these at each show! lol Thanks for the hints and ideas, Michelle, I need them all! :)

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