Visiting a few Lavender Farms in Washington

While I was hanging out with Katie waiting for baby Kael to make his appearance we decided visiting a few lavender farms in the area might be a fun, relaxing way to move things along.

We were surprised to find two very near to where she lives, so we set out on a lovely, sunny afternoon to pay them a visit.

But before I take you there, I wanted to share a few pictures that reflect how they use lavender in their commercial landscaping up here in the Pacific Northwest. Perhaps it will give you some ideas.

The temperate climate seems ideal right now. However, when it rains alot, it does drown, and the roots can rot. Given the abundance of lavender available in this area, I don't think replanting is much of an issue.

The first farm we visited was Stringtown Farms in Eatonville, WA. In addition to lavender it is also a small winery.

We met with John Adams, who was happy to show us around and talk about lavender, the lavender business, and his winery. Katie took pictures and rested while I picked a bundle of assorted varieties of lavender that I don't grow in Oklahoma.
This is John's gift shop and tasting room. He has both dried bundles, and freshly picked bundles available, plus plants and a variety of lavender products, including honey, soap, lotion, fudge and many I'm sure I missed seeing.

A few visitors dropped by for a wine tasting, which John is all too happy to offer. You can see the varieties of wines he produces posted on the board just behind him. We left with our fresh bundles, some soap, and some lavender honey, which you know I love. I enjoy it in my tea every morning.
After we left John's place we headed over to Mountain Meadow Lavender Farm in Roy, WA and visited with Barbara Hulscher.
I bought some of her Royal Velvet culinary lavender to try, and some blackberry jam for our toast.
As a lavender lover Barbara was only to happy to talk about the joys, and trials, of growing our favorite herb. It seems foreign to us in Oklahoma given the drought, but they do have to deal with too much rain here in the northwest, and Barbara lost quite a few plants during the spring rains.

The view of Mount Rainier from their lavender is spectacular. I love the contrast of the purple lavender, the green of the pine trees, and the white of the snow capped peak.
A big thank you to John and to Barbara for sharing their farms, and their knowledge. I am always learning something new and fascinating about lavender, and I continue to be inspired to create more products for us to share in Oklahoma.


Thank you for sharing your experience. Those farms sound wonderful to visit and it sounds like you had a lot of fun!

Thank you,
Annamarie Theuret
Cathy said…
You are right, Annamarie, they were so much fun! I could have stayed and chatted about lavender all day!

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