Photo from Lowe's Creative Ideas

Okay, it's still 100+ here in Oklahoma. But my mums all have tiny buds. They know fall is coming...eventually!  I saw this darling idea for Mumpkins in Lowe's Creative Ideas mag and thought it would be so ideal for a fall centerpiece, and very elegant arranged on pedestals for Thanksgiving. And we all know you have to trim the blooms to keep them blooming, right? So, I'm just planning a little ahead!

They also had a lovely Mum Wreath. I'm sure most of us have made cut flower wreaths exactly the same way. It's a great trick to know if you have an event coming up. I've done it with roses, carnations, and even cheap old marigolds from the garden. I was thinking I'd make one with my end of year multi-colored zinnias!
Photo from Lowe's Creative Ideas

Both the Mumpkins and the Mum Wreath will keep for several days. The Mumpkins will draw moisture from the pumpkin, and you just have to spritz the wreath to keep it fresh.

Yay for fall! I can't wait for cooler weather!


Katie said…
I think that is the cutest idea! Do you know how long they last?
Cathy said…
I'm guessing the mumpkins will last a week, perhaps, if you spritz them every day. Probably the same with the wreath. Can't wait to make the wreath with zinnias!

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