New Soap at the Christ Kindl Markt This Weekend

Hi all! Yes, it's true. I will have three new soaps at the Christ Kindle Markt at Fort Sill. If you follow me on Facebook you know I recently became enamoured with Coffee Butter. It's just so lucious! And so emollient. And smells just like coffee. I was inspired by a friend of mine from Sicily, who always made me an Italian espresso and added a dose of anise liqueur, to create the Lavender Italian Espresso soap. Loaded with coffee butter and special essential oils, it's so yummy! Just a touch of ground coffee in the topmost layer gives it a bit of an exfoliating scrub. Nice to add to a gift basket with espresso and Sambucca for Christmas!

And we all know the Lavender Lemongrass is the number 1 bestseller. But, I suppose because I was in an Italian mood, I created a lovely Lavender Lemon Drop with lemon essential oil. Smells just like a lemon drop. The lower part of this lovely bar has lavender buds from this years harvest, and the topmost layer has ground calendula petals, then the whole bar is topped with calendula petals. The addition of shea butter makes this bar extra emolient. So lovely and lucious!

The third soap is Lavender Bay Rum with lavender, bay rum, and a hint of bergamot, cinnamon and clove essential oils, topped with a sprinkling of ground cinnamon. I added ground cornmeal for a little extra texture and gentle exfoliation. Not too spicy, not too sweet, but just right.

Just a few of the other items we'll have on hand...

...all natural cedar sachets from Turkey Creek Farm. We trim and dry the boughs, then grind the cedar and package it in these cute muslin bags. All natural, straight from the farm. Some people buy these to burn as natural incense, or for smudging. (I personally love burning cedar and lavender together but ritual smudging is a whole other post.)

Just a quick look at few of the other items we'll have on hand tomorrow and Sunday: beautiful wreaths, Kathy Gehrt's new lavender cookbook, lavender and herb spoon garden markers (so clever!), Monin Lavender Syrup for lavender drink concoctions, and lavender filled cones for your french inspired Christmas tree. Stop by and fill up a bag for yourself or a lavender lovin' friend! Plus a selection of lavender soaps, candles and handmade scarves that are shades of lavender, purple, and smell like lavender essential oil.

See you tomorrow!


TERESA said…
I get allergry very easily, so this new soap is ok for my skin?
Cathy said…
Hi Teresa, the handmade soaps are normally okay for most skin types, however, if you do have skin allergies you would probably want to start with a soap sample of the unscented, plain soap, or one of the milder ones that has no exfolient added, which could be irritating. Goats milk soap would be a good choice, since I put nothing in it but some lavender and lemongrass essential oil. I'll make sure and have plain samples available. Thanks! Cathy
Cathy said…

Your things look so luscious, I wish I lived close enough to browse and shop! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I am looking forward to spending more time here!

Cathy said…
PS, I tried to "follow" your blog with google friend connect and kept getting an error message.... something must be up on this end. I did add you to my goodle reading list, so I'll get all your new posts that way, but I'm not sure what's up with google today!

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