Getting Married This Winter, or Even Down the Road? Look to Lavender for Inspiration

Whether you're getting married now, or in the near future, or just dreaming of what your wedding will be like one day, lavender is a beautiful, and lovely smelling, addition to any wedding. Below is a gorgeous idea board created by Coco and Kelley, who did a guest post on Snippet and Ink today. Both of these ladies provide fantastic inspiration! It makes me wish I were getting married again. Or planning another wedding. Or even an anniversary celebration. Or a party. Perhaps my open house this summer...hmmmm....

These ladies put together some of the most wonderful inspiration boards anywhere. So creative, and so imaginative. Even if you are just party planning you can find all sorts of ideas. But, of course, the ones I am most enthralled by are the ones that contain lavender. 
Lavender and Navy Inspiration board from Snippet and Ink

Lavender and Cherry Inspiration Board from Snippet and Ink

Lavender and Gingerbread Inspiration board from Snippet and Ink

Consider using lavender sachets as wedding favors.  Organza bags filled with dried lavender, buds, or lovely little squares hand sewn in a coordinating fabric, perhaps hand stamped or embroidered with your special date, would be a beautiful, and long lasting favor for your guests to cherish.

Lavender wands are also a unique wedding favor, woven with a lovely ribbon.
Instead of rose petals, your flower girl could sprinkle lavender. And lavender makes a wonderful wedding toss instead of rice or bird seed. It is not only something different, but it adds that beautiful lavender fragrance, and, when it is time for clean-up, it freshens the air and the vacuum.

Use lavender in your signature reception drink. Monin makes a wonderful lavender syrup. I've offered it at my last two shows and it has been popular with the more adventurous lavender lovers. Or you can make your own lavender simple syrup, as we did here. Lavender Mojito's, Lavender Margarita's, Lavender Martini's all sound devine. But just infusing punch with lavender, making lavender lemonade, or limeade, or adding lavender syrup to white wine, as we did with Lilet, adds a special, and different, touch to any wedding.

Lavender Shortbread, sugar cookies, or crumpets make a wonderful little edible wedding favor, all tied up in a cute bag, or added to the dessert table, or even used as edible place cards with the guests names written in icing. Perhaps lavender petit fours...or lavende cupcakes, or...oh the ideas are endless!
(My apologies, I don't remember
where I got this from.)

Of course, fresh lavender makes a beautiful and fragrant bouquet either alone, or in combination with other flowers. And you have the added bonus of simply hanging your bouquet and drying it as a sweet reminder of your special day. The range of lavender colors, from palest lavender to darkest purple, go with a wide range of other colors, like orange, apple green, yellow. (Just hop over to Snippet and Ink for some more inspiration!)
(Sorry, source unknown)

Naturally I think lavender soap of any kind makes a fantastic wedding favor. It smells wonderful, it looks good, and it's usable. What could be better?! And with a custom!

Lavender also represents love and affection. What could be better for a wedding? And you have the added aromatherapy, and all of your guests, will be calm and relaxed! (And hopefully the groom!)

Just a little wedding inspiration for all of you brides thinking about using lavender in your upcoming nuptials! Happy browsing. I hope you get inspired! And keep in mind, the lavender blooms in June here at Turkey Creek Lavender. Of course, we make soap all year, and have dried buds for your wedding rice, dried bundles, and wreaths! Hop on over to our Pinterest page for more inspiration.



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