It's Soapmaking Time at Turkey Creek Lavender

Good morning lavender loving friends,

Let’s talk soap…

Yes, I said soap. As in rub-a-dub dub.
Here at Turkey Creek Lavender the soap is curing.

Lovely Lavender with buds on top…
Lavender Lemongrass with poppyseeds….

Lavender Honey Oatmeal made with local, delicious Tipton Honey…
All of my soap is currently made using the cold process method. It takes awhile for it to be just right to use, but it’s worth it. Why, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you.

Because real soap is a beautiful thing. It is nothing like a commercially produced “beauty bar,” or a commercially produced “moisturizing bar.” Without going into the history of commercial soap making, I can tell you that those are detergent bars, and contain things you’d rather not know about. Legally they cannot call themselves soap.

The soap produced here at Turkey Creek Lavender is handcrafted soap. Made by hand. My hands. There is nothing artificial, nothing synthetic. Just pure, natural goodness. Moisturizing, mild, safe, natural ingredients. Good for you, your skin, your environment. Aromatherapy in a bar!

Turkey Creek Lavender Soap begins with food grade olive, coconut, and palm oils. Then, depending on the soap of the day, a variety of oils, nourishing butters, essential oils, herbs and other good stuff are added! And, always, the first essential oil added is lavender. Yummy lavender. Comforting lavender. Relaxing lavender. Lovely, lovely lavender. (This is a lavender farm after all!)

Stay tuned for updates. Now I’m off to make some more soap!



so happy to have discovered your lovely blog!

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