Bravo BH&G! A very helpful lavender column in the April issue

It's always so wonderful to find lavender featured in major magazines.
So naturally I was delighted to open up my new issue of Better Homes and Gardens (which my sweet Mom sends me every year...thanks Mom!) to see lavender featured in the Outdoor Garden Doctor section. What's great about this article is they address some of the issues home lavender gardeners face, like cutting and drying, how to divide, growing in containers, pruning, overwatering, and so forth. Lavender is a hardy herb, but I've found choosing the right lavender for your growing conditions is also key. The first year I planted 100 Munstead I lost half, the following year I lost the rest. While I like Munstead, it does not like our hot, dry, windy southwest Oklahoma growing conditions. I've found for me personally Provence and Grosso do well, but I am looking forward to experimenting with some new varieties this year.
While there is alot of information on the web about lavender, BH&G also has a reasonably comprehensive section at their website, that is worth checking out if you are a home gardener with questions. And beautiful pictures, too!! So, kudos to BH&G!

Happy reading!


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