A Little Fall Twist to Nana's Cowboy Cookies

Remember when I did a post on Nana's Cowboy Cookies with the St. Paddy's Day Twist? Well here's another way to tweak that recipe.

Just use the Fall Harvest M&M's instead of the green ones! Sometimes I add a little cinnamon in the fall just for something different, and it goes quite well with the oatmeal. Makes it more fallish!  
Have a favorite sports team? Like, say, the Dallas Cowboys? Okay, obviously we're fans. No secret. Perhaps blue and white M&M's on game day, or maroon and white for OU...or your kids school colors for that upcoming bake sale. Anyone for orange and white M&M's for Halloween? Perfectly versatile recipe! Just how I like 'em!

Here's the link again, here, just in case you missed it! Scroll aaaaallll the way to the bottom of the post for Nana's recipe.

Happy baking, happy fall!



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