Spring Babies! Bunnies and Birdies!

I love it when the spring babies arrive around the farm. While we don't keep domestic farm animals, like goats, or cows, or chickens, we have our share of wild animal babies. This week we have baby bunnies and birdies.

Mommy bunny was not too smart about building this nest. She placed it about a foot in front of Molly's kennel. Apparently I'm not too smart either, because I never noticed until the bunny fur started floating around. I thought one of the dogs had killed a baby bunny, or a hawk had left something behind, which has happened before. So, as I reached down to gather the fur and throw it away before the dogs got it...

...imagine my surprise when I removed the fur only to find...

...adorable baby bunnies!

Apparently they'd been there a week and neither the dogs nor I had noticed. And they were literally right under our noses. Once I disturbed their nest they started to squeal, alerting the dogs to their presence. So, for the next few days I had to stand over the nest when I let the dogs out because...well...they are hunting dogs after all. A few days later the nest was empty and the babies were gone.

We also have birds that return every spring to make nests on top of the rain gutter. She lays her eggs, they hatch, and before you know it the babies have exploded into fat little feathered fluff balls.

I'm amazed they all fit!

They're so big you'd think mother bird would be pushing them out of the nest, but she just kept feeding them like a good mommy bird until, a few days later, I startled them taking out the trash and they sort of fell out and flew off. Sort of a metaphor for the human family, don't ya think?

It's beeeeautiful here in southwest Oklahoma. Supposed to be in the upper 80's and sunny all day!

Hope you have a wonderful day. Thanks for stopping in!



Anne-Marie said…
Thanks for sharing such adorable pictures of baby bunnies and fat little fluff balls. So cute. Spring is in the air =)
CL Field said…
I'm so glad you enjoyed them. Thanks for visiting!

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