The Promise of Spring

If you're like me you've been cooped up inside due to rain, snow, sleet, hail, cold, or all of the above, wondering when spring will get here. Certainly not soon enough!

On Christmas Eve 2009 we had an unusually bad blizzard for Oklahoma. We were due to travel for the holiday but found ourselves snowbound at home.

We had an unexpected visit from the neighbor's miniature ponies. They were fun to watch in the snow.

The sunset was beautiful looking out over the upper lavender field.  

Here is a darling idea for packaging some bulbs for a spring pick me up gift for a friend, neighbor, or someone who needs a boost.

Purchase some bulbs. I like Narcissus for their lovely pure white color, and Hyacinth for their delicious fragrance. Remove them from their original packaging. Place some colorful shredded paper in the bottom of a cellophane bag, place the bulbs in the bottom, and tie with a lovely ribbon, or jute twine, as I did below.  And voila! A nice little spring pick me up for someone special.

Here's to thinking happy, warm thoughts!

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Katie said…
I thought these turned out darling and honestly...didnt realize you had made them. I planted them and hope they bloom!

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