The Best Spicy Sweet Cheater Pickles!!!

Cheater Pickles! You read that right. Cheater. Pickles. Easy and scrumptious. Sweet and spicy. All that goodness in a little pickle. Could be the best pickle you ever eat.

Shhhhh. No one has to know you cheated.

I have been repeatedly asked for this recipe. Hounded really. Well, your hounding has finally worn me down. And now I have to fess up to just how easy these are to make. I never thought I'd be doing this, belive me.

Just in time for the Memorial Day weekend, impress your friends and family...but let them think you actually pickled these yummy little gems.

I've been making these, and giving them away, for right about 16 years. A long time to keep a secret, don't you think?

Here's what you'll need for Cheater Pickles...yep, that's it.

Cheater Pickles
1 large jar of kosher dills
1 2 oz. bottle of Tabasco
1 4 lb. bag of sugar

Drain all the juice off of the pickles.

Slice across into approximately 1/2 inch thick slices.

Now layer the slices with the sugar and tabasco. You don't have to be too precise will all turn to liquid in a few days and blend together nicely.

Put the lid on nice and tight because each day for the next 3-5 days you will be turning these over, rotating the jar until all the sugar has dissolved.

Here you can see the sugar is turning to liquid in the jar.

After about 5 days the sugar will be fully dissolved and the pickle slices will have absorbed the tabasco laden syrup, creating a nice spicy sweet pickle.

Of course, you can add more tabasco for extra spicy pickles if you want. We find 1 2-ounce bottle just perfect. And we like the large pickle slices. You could substitute a large jar of the hamburger slices.

Once the sugar is fully dissolved and you are happy with the taste, simply ladle the pickle slices into their own canning jars, pour syrup over them to cover, put that lid on, label if desired, and share! Make sure to tell people to keep them refrigerated since you didn't actually can them!
Cheater Pickles

(I usually cover them in syrup but for the picture I just poured the syrup in half way.)

That's it. Except enjoying them, of course. Awesome on grilled burgers, chopped for relish, chicken salad, egg salad, tuna salad, sliced up and eaten on a cracker...great served with any sandwich...wherever a pickle is called for! And this suggestion from Uncle Jack and Aunt Alberta...add a kick to your potato salad! Love this idea! Thanks Uncle Jack!

So now the jig is up and you can make your own. And quit nagging me for the recipe.



Bethie Boo said…
Do you think I could substitute Splenda instead of sugar?
Brilliant! Such a clever idea
Mary x
Cathy said…
Thanks Mary! Super easy.

Well Bethie, not sure about that. It would definitely change the taste and probably the texture. However, you could try it with a smaller jar and experiment. Interesting idea! Let us all know if it works!

Wishing you both a great day!

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