Turkey Creek Lavender

Turkey Creek Lavender

Monday, July 18, 2011

Yummy All Natural Flavored Water to Help You Beat the Heat!

With the temp hovering around 103 and the heat index at 113 we've been drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated. In fact, I don't really want anything else to drink but water. However good it is for you, water...well...it can get rather boring.

Sometimes I make skinny lemon water by adding a squeezed lemon and a few teaspoons of splenda, ditto for limes. And naturally I drink alot of lavender water. But lately I've been making tons of naturally flavored water with whatever fruit or veg is in the refrigerator that seems appealing. It's all natural, it's colorful, it's healthy, and you can have a snack when you get to the bottom of the glass! Best of all, you can be inventive and kids find it fun to create their own concoctions.

Sometimes I make this up by the pitcher and leave it in the fridge. Today it was by the glassful.

I started the day with cucumber water. Very refreshing!

Then watermelon water...

...then cucumber, watermelon, lemon water...

...then cucumber and mint water...
...ending the day with the whole shebang...cucumber, watermelon, lemon, mint...
...verrry tasty! I have to cut my basil and rosemary tomorrow so I'm thinking that's how I'll start the day! It does keep water from getting so boring, doesn't it?

Hope you're staying cool!

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