Oh, Happy Spring Day!

Spring makes its own statement so loud and clear
that the gardener seems to be only one of the instruments,
not the composer. ~Geoffrey Charlesworth

Good morning all!
I hope this finds you enjoying a lovely day, wherever you are. We've been in the throes of spring for some time now, and things are really starting to wake up around here.

I know it doesn't look like it, but the lavender is starting to green up. Lavender can be a funny plant. I learned the first year that looks can be deceiving. Just when I was ready to pull a plant because it looked completely dried up, I'd see just the hint of a leaf, and, surprise! it would come back strong and bloom.

Now I wait until the other plants are sending up stems before I decide if a plant is truly dead or not, and ready to be consigned to the compost heap...or fire pit. It smells really good when it's burning.

The daffodils are just about done blooming.

But the purple irises are starting, which is followed all during the month of April with the myriad of other colors we have planted around the farm. I don't know why, but these purple ones are always the first. If you know why, let me in on the secret.
The front yard has been a sea of little naturalized johnny jump ups, a type of viola.

Violas and pansies are edible flowers and make a lovely addition to salads and drinks. I like to freeze them in ice cubes to add a spot of lavender color in drinks or punch, and naturally I add a few fresh or dried lavender buds to the mix. (I know. You just can't escape it, can you?! You knew I'd get some lavender in there somewhere.) And of course you know not to use them if your yard has been treated with chemicals, which, obviously mine has not, or I wouldn't have all of those little violas.

Remember when the Dahlia's Garden Club paid us a visit last summer? The ice cubes you see here are the very ones I used in the lavender lemonade. It made a lovely presentation, and it's a great way to preserve a little spring.

The cherry tree has been in bloom, but it's starting to leaf out so I pruned some of the branches and brought them inside to enjoy. It needed to be pruned. Really.
And then I decided to add a cute little nest.
Don't you just love spring?!
Wishing you a wonderful day!


Cathy said…
Cathy, I so enjoyed your post and I am absolutely going to steal your idea about putting pansies and violas and a few lavender blossoms in ice cubes for our annual garden tour! We serve lemonade and iced tea and lavender tea cookies, but I never thought to add such gorgeous blossoms to the ice.

I'm assuming they keep their color well?

Looks totally luscious, my dear! Thanks for some fabulous ideas!

The "other" Cathy (Newburyport, MA)
Cathy said…
Another quick note... your johnny jump-ups seem like they are a solid light lavender? Ours are a deep purple with yellow striping. Would you like some of ours? I can send a few plants out to you next month.

Cathy said…
Hi Cathy! Yes, they do keep their color beautifully in the ice. If it is a light or clear drink I am making I also freeze the blossoms in that, like lemonade, or limeade, or punch. Keeps it from diluting the drink. As usual, I bet your garden tour will be gorgeous!

Thanks for the sweet offer of the johnny jump-ups. I have seen that kind when we've lived elsewhere, Alaska I think. I'm afraid this time of year in Oklahoma they might not take. We've been in the 90's already and no rain. at. all. It's horrible. Wildfires every day. Hopefully next spring it will be different and I can gladly take you up on your offer. If you want to try the jack beans (hyacinth vine) let me know. I have more and more seeds every year!


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