Great Idea for 4th of July: Scrummy S'Mores Buffet Bar!

Don't you just love the word "scrummy?!" Yummy and scrumptious all mixed up! Sort of like S'Mores. As you can see from the sidebar, I follow several blogs, but one of my favorites is a foodie blog from England, aptly named "The English Kitchen." Marie always makes the most scrummy recipes (also one of her favorite words!). I just wish I had the time to make, and consume, all of the wonderful things she posts.

Todays post is not from her blog, but I wanted to share her link, and the scrummy word scrummy! This idea came from my sweet sister-in-law Michelle when they were visiting a few years ago, which I think was from one of her neighbors. It's just a really wonderful idea, and so fun.

I've never been especially fond of S'More's. But my kids all love them. We even keep the fixings around for a rainy day, or in the winter, when we need a reminder that warm weather will be here again despite freezing temps.  So here we are in the throes of S'More season. And what better weekend than 4th of July to trot out a S'More's Bar. The beauty of this, and you all know how I like adaptable things, is that it can be elegant or casual, kid friendly, or adult oriented. You can set the bar up in silver dishes, or in baskets, depending on your get together.

It's so easy, and you're only limited by your imagination, and your taste, but there should be a flavor combination to please everyone. Here you can see a variety of chocolates, and yes, we have tried them all in many different combo's...
...and a variety of marshmallows, and graham crackers. Here you see plain, strawberry, and coconut marshmallows, and cinnamon and plain graham crackers. You can order the fancy schmancy graham crackers online that have the scalloped edges, and the handmade marshmallows in exotic flavors, but my crew doesn't get that fancy. These are all Kraft marshmallows, and Keebler graham crackers. We do, however, indulge in the wonderfully diverse chocolates available, like chocolate mint, chocolate hazlenut, or caramel or raspberry filled, and both the white and dark chocolate. And you can have nuts or colored sprinkles on hand to roll the sides of the melted marshmallows in after they are all deliciously melty on a stick and get squished between your graham crackers. I favor pecans, but peanuts and walnuts would be good to.

My favorites this summer are dark chocolate, with strawberry marshmallows, and sliced fresh strawberries. Soooo delicious!
My second favorite this summer is dark chocolate with coconut marshmallows and sliced bananas. So tropical! 
So have fun with it. It's guaranteed to delight all of the S'More's lovers. I mean, how fun is this!! S'More's in every combination imaginable!

Now I'm off for a midnight snack. You guessed it...S'More's! So scrummy! Did I mention we also make them in the microwave? Just 10-15 seconds and they're ready. You don't even need a fire!

Have fun!


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