Another Excellent Lavender Article...this time from Hobby Farms Magazine

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yet another major publication recognizes how wonderful lavender is. I was going to do another post today, but when I saw this in my inbox I couldn't resist passing it along. It has so much information about lavender. Cooking with lavender is such an adventure! I even saw that McCormick has included it in their spice aisle offerings at the local gocery store.

The recipe in Hobby Farm for lavender sugar is a good one, and only makes a small amount. Or, and I will include this in another post since I am experimenting with flavoring Splenda, and raw sugar, you can layer your lavender in a jar with the sugar, and let it sit for a week or two until it takes on the flavor of the lavender. So scrumptious in teas, on desserts, in sauces, in your baking, and on and on. THIS is the fun of it...the experimentation...the creating...there is so much you can do with lavender!

So I'll hush now and let you go read. Just follow the link and have fun! If you cook with lavender, or experiment with it I would love to hear about your experiences, and share your recipes.

Have a wonderful day,


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