Lawton Farmers Market Harvest Festival

Clearly I'm still working on the blog, but at least I have it up and running again. The redesign will just have to evolve, so I've decided to just keep writing and changing as we go.

As most of you know, the best place to find Turkey Creek Lavender is at the Lawton Farmers Market during our market season from April-October. This Saturday we will be ending our official season with the Lawton Farmers Market Harvest Festival. Lots of fun events, crafters, artists, and craftsmen, food vendors and, of course, our wonderful regular vendors at the farmers market. If you want locally grown produce, this is the place to come in Lawton! Most of our farmers grow everything naturally, free of any pesticides or chemicals. These same farmers follow all organic practices, and live the lifestyle. We have egg vendors, hormone free meat vendors, grass fed Longhorn beef vendors, free range poultry vendors, and lots and lots of locally grown produce. When you are buying at the Lawton Farmers Market you are practicing farm to table, and supporting small farming. And we are grateful for that! Thank you!

If you didn't get a chance to visit the Lawton Farmers Market this year, we hope you'll stop in next season, which begins again in April. We have lots of events planned for next year! A huge thank you to those that made the Lawton Farmers Market part of your regular Saturday activities. We are so glad you share the experience by bringing your family and friends with you when they are visiting from out of town.

Additionally, if you are an urban gardener, or a small farmer in our southwest Oklahoma area and are producing more than you need, please join us next year. Consider developing a niche market. Everyone grows zucchini and yellow squash, but no one specializes in Chinese vegetables, or Italian vegetables. You can easily develop your business around filling the niche market need!

Glad to be back to blogging! All the best!


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