Update on Life at TCL

Beau bringing an offering. No turtles were harmed. The turtle was returned safely to the woods. 

Yes, I know, and I get reminded regularly, that I have not been blogging. I thought I'd have time to re-work the blog this spring before our busy season, but it just didn't happen. The business just keeps spiraling upwards and I keep getting sucked in. Which is a good thing. I feel truly blessed, and am very thankful.

So, my apologies for not updating regularly. So much for my goal of blogging at least once a week. I blame Julia Cameron. Because I've been doing daily writing since reading her book "An Artists Way" in February I have fulfilled that need to write every day. Which leaves the little ol' blog lonely.

All is not lost! I will be back soon as the summer season slows down a little at the market. There's so much to share! We've had such a good summer!

I thank all of you, dear readers, who keep checking in to see if I've posted something new. Thank you for your patience. And thank you for the reminders, and for kicking my posterior about blogging. I both need and appreciate it! It's working and I shall return shortly!

If you want to stay more in touch with TCL make sure and follow the Facebook page. I do update there on a regular, and sometimes daily, and yes, sometimes more than once a day, basis!

All the best and more,


Mary Callan said…
that is quite a photo!!!! your dog looks like he's holding the turtle SO gently!! glad both survived!
mary x
Cathy said…
Thanks Mary, When the turtles were active this summer it was a daily occurence for awhile! Eventually he gets tired of holding them and I can return them to the woods!

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