The Easiest, Most Delicious Lavender Vanilla Ice Cream!

Turkey Creek Lavender Vanilla Ice Cream

The Easiest, Most Delicious Turkey Creek Lavender Vanilla Ice Cream is 1) Easy, easy, And 2) yummy, yummy,! Perfect by itself, or dressed up with toppings, it just has that little something extra, that special touch, that only lavender can impart.

My parents first made this basic ice cream recipe back in the 70's. It was quicker than cooking a custard (which I hate to do!), and delicious as soft serve right from the ice cream maker, which we all love! And my favorite type of recipe...versatile!

Using just cream, half and half, sugar, and vanilla. Simple. Delicious.

Over the years I've put every kind of fruit in this recipe and it always, always turns out. I've made it chocolate, and coffee, added chocolate chunks, heath bits, cream de menthe, chopped candy canes...and many, many other variations, which I'll share in another post sometime...

But for today, it's the...

Easiest, Most Delicious Turkey Creek
Lavender Vanilla Ice Cream!

2 pints half and half
2 pints heavy cream
2 cups sugar
1 tablespoon culinary lavender
4 Tablespoons vanilla extract

First start by mixing the half and half and heavy cream in a sauce pan. Heat just until the milk is heated through. Either toss in the culinary lavender or put in a tea strainer and place in the milk. (I use a tea strainer because it saves having to strain the lavender out later.) Remove from heat, cover, refrigerate and chill thoroughly. The milk is now infused with the lavender. Remove tea strainer, or strain out loose lavender buds. Stir in the vanilla and the sugar until the sugar dissolves thoroughly. Pour into a 4 to 5 quart ice cream freezer and freeze according to your manufacturers directions. (I use an electric ice cream maker I've had for 28 years!) Note: You can also add some finely ground lavender if you want to actually see lavender in your ice cream.

Serve immediately or let ice cream ripen for a harder scoop. 

Turkey Creek Lavender Vanilla Ice Cream is perfect to go with your pumpkin, apple, or pecan pie for Thanksgiving! It's perfect just by itself, and it's perfect all year around. With everything!
Turkey Creek Lavender Vanilla Ice Cream with pumpkin bread!

We hope you love it as much as we do! Thanks for stopping by TCL!


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