Stanky Dog! A Lavender Treat for Your Favorite Stanky Dog!

Well, it was a nice enough evening to test Stanky Dog again on my, umm, really stanky dogs!
My stanky Beau!

Labs. Yeah, ya gotta love 'em. We have 3 here at Turkey Creek Lavender Farm. They love the water so it's not an issue to hose them down every day. The thing about labs is, their skin can dry out. Especially in the unending drought we're having here in southwest Oklahoma. And they have floppy ears, so I have to wipe them out if they're in the water alot. Otherwise they get stanky ears, too!

Tonight I tested Stanky Dog on Beau and Sukie. Stanky Dog has all kids of essential oils creapin' critters don't like, including lavender essential oil. Yep, good thing I have a lavender farm. Both fleas and tics don't take to lavender. And with 4 dogs...well, it could be an issue. Stanky Dog has several other essential oils in it that are safe for dogs besides lavender essential oil. Citronella, orange, lemongrass, ground's much like our Oh, Bug Off! Bug Beater Soap.

I determined it's not quite where I want it to be. Needs just a little something else, so we'll keep tweaking it. The good thing is our Stanky Dog spray and Stanky Dog soap can be used by humanoids as well. Yep, we test it on ourselves, too. It did have a nice lather. Not too fluffy. I hate using anything that takes forever to get out of their coat. I formulated this with almond oil so it would be moisturizing for their fur and skin. Occasionally they sneak into the pool, and the chlorine is very drying. 
Stanky Dog Sukie

So, back to the shop. Almost there, but thanks for being patient. Maybe by the time the snow flies I'll be satisfied!

On another note, I found this shopping basket at an estate sale. Thought it'd come in handy for shows and such. My youngest son was with me. He just shook his head and asked why I didn't buy the cane, too! "Har, har, very funny, son!" (Seriously, there was a cane hanging on it.) A little spray paint, a cute liner...

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I just finished a bunch of these cute little garden markers, so guess I'll throw one in. Seems appropriate. Be cool for spearing olives and pickles, too!

Does anyone remember the cheerful guy who said "Far Out!" all the time? Big hint, I was dying to live in the Rocky Mountains! : )

Peace out.


that sounds wonderful! I've a little Jack Russell who's always itching!! this sounds perfect for her :))
Mary x
Cathy said…
I have all these big dogs, but I've always wanted a Jack Russell!They are so adorable!

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