Editor of the Current Paid a Visit to Turkey Creek Lavender! Mayhem Ensued!

Just kidding about the mayhem! It was actually a very calm and lovely morning. I just couldn't resist a nod toward a small newspaper I grew up reading in southwest Missouri. It's still being published so I won't name names, but it's a place where "mayhem ensued" or "a good time was had by all." I know, it has nothing to do with Karen's visit. I digress.

If you follow TCL on Facebook you know Karen Kaley, editor of the Current, our rural Cotton Electric newspaper, paid me a visit last month to write a story highlighting our little farm. She came at a good time. The Fat Spike Grosso was blooming very nicely.
Karen Kaley, editor of the Current

We had such a fun morning, talking about lavender, and life, as we strolled around. Karen cut some lavender, and took alot of pictures and then went back and wrote a wonderful article about the farm.

Here is the link to the article itself, and here is the link to the recipes I provided, which Karen put on a page of their own. Now if you've been following the blog these won't be new to you. I provided most of them as pantry staples to have on hand for when you're feeling the urge to try cooking with lavender. (And we all know how much I love to do that!!)

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Thanks again to Karen for the great article!

See you all soon! Again, welcome to Turkey Creek Lavender, where "a good time is had by all!!" (Okay, I'll stop now!)

Cathy : )


Bumpkin Bears said…
Wow what a beautiful place, i love lavendar. Catherine
Cathy said…
Thanks Catherine! And thanks for stopping by for a visit! Fortunately lavender is one of those herbs that is easy to love! :)

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