U-Pick Day at Turkey Creek Lavender

Just a few shots of our first ever u-pick day here at Turkey Creek Lavender farm. It was a wonderful day with wonderful people! I must say, the lavender was very colorful and cooperative. While this was only open to local lavender lovers this year, next year will be an even bigger harvest, so we'll probably open the farm to a wider audience possibly over a three week span.

Here at the farm we have lots of these...sand burrs, or goats head stickers. Doesn't matter what you call them, they hurt! That's why we warn people not to bring their pets and wear closed toe shoes. Nasty things when they get stuck in paws and toes!

Just a few of the varieties of lavender we have here at the farm. As always, you can find me at the Lawton Farmer's Market on Saturdays. Right now we have an abundance of fresh lavender bundles for $5 per bundle, ranging in color from dark purple to light lavender. Our handmade soap and lavender products are also available at Lulabelle's in Medicine Park, Oklahoma. We'll have an abundance of dried lavender bundles this year. Adds a nice touch to your shop or business, great for crafting and creating! Always $5, fresh or dried, grown naturally, right here in Oklahoma!

Thanks to everyone for coming out. And for continuing to love the lavender, our all natural handmade soap, and lavender products! It means the world to me!

A lovely end to a lovely day.


What a beautiful post - how incredible to be a lavender farmer!! It looks so beautiful and I can just imagine the smell!
Mary x
Cathy said…
Thanks Mary! I must say it's addictive! It smells especially strong in the early evening when it's still humid. It just sort of hangs in the air!

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