Spring at Turkey Creek

Early spring growth of Provence at Turkey Creek

It's starting! The lavender is greening up!
Fat Spike Grosso starting to push at Turkey Creek

I love it! Love it! Love it! The leaves imparting their fragrant oil when I brush up against them, giving off just a tantalizing hint of what's to come! I pick off a few and rub them between my fingers...lovely...heavenly lavender!
Hidcote Giant beginning to green up at Turkey Creek

The anticipation of things to come...

I hope you are enjoying "the drunkenness of spring!"


ooo - I love that first hit of lavender! I have a lemon lavender (a few actually) that I grew from seed last year & am waiting for warm weather (dry weather) to plant them outside. I have the feeling this variety is better suited to living in a pot for the summer & then moved into the greenhouse for the winter. I think the flowers will be white - will have to let you know!
The one type of lavender that seem to do better for me is the 'butterfly' lavender (Spanish?) as the winters are just too wet for the others. I would love to have a hedge of lavender!
Cathy said…
Hi Michelle, You're right, "butterfly" lavender" is the Spanish or French lavender. It would look fantastic in a hedge. Can't wait to see pictures of the lemon lavender. I wonder if it's an English lavender. Here in the hot southwest the x intermedia's seem to do best for me. I've tried to grow Munstead, an English lavender, but it just burns up in the heat. I know from talking to growers up there in the northwest the English lavenders are happier! In some areas of south Texas the Spanish and French lavenders are already blooming but I hear up your way it will probably be July! Can't wait to see your pics this summer!

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