Little Sweetie Pies for All of Your Little Sweeties!

A fun, delicious, and quick idea for Valentine's day...Sweetie Pies! You may call them tarts, or pastries...whatever you call them, they're delightful little bites of loveliness.

Quick and easy? Yes and yes. And my fave V word...what is that? Versatile!

It starts with a pie crust. Homemade or store bought.

And the filling is...ta daaaa...jam for the fruity, or Nutella for the chocoholic.

Other things to gather up...sanding sugars, sprinkles, heart-shaped cookie cutters, powdered sugar, culinary lavender...lavender sugar...a little egg wash for the tops...

The process is easy. Roll out, or unroll, your pie crust. Using heart shaped cookie cutters, cut out your hearts and place on your cookie sheet.

Put a spoonful of jam in the middle, place another pastry heart on top. Don't overfill as the jam will bake out the sides. Seal the edges by using a fork, or brushing a little water/egg wash on the edges and pinching together to form a little scalloped edge. You could also give the edges a little roll if you prefer.


 Brush the tops with a little egg wash and sprinkle with sanding sugar, colored sugar, plain ol' white granulated sugar, or wait until they're done baking and cooling and give them a generous sprinkling of powdered sugar...especially good on the nutella-filled hearts!

Even more fun...use a fork to create a little X or O on top for those little kisses and hugs you'll be getting.

Nutella Filled Hearts 

Bake at 350 degrees anywhere from 8-12 minutes depending on the size of your heart tarts. In other words, until they're a nice light golden brown.
Have some fun with the packaging for gift giving.
Tags that say "To the queen of tarts," "For My Sweetie Pie," "Sweeties for a sweetie...", well you get the idea.

Lastly...Enjoy! Happy February!


What a lovely idea - so sweet and delicious! Love the sarabeth's jam :)
Mary x
Cathy said…
I love that it's so natural and full of fruit! You are so lucky to actually be able to visit her shop.
Anonymous said…
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