23 Years of Service Goes by in the Blink of an Eye

Okay, I know. I've been absent from blogging for long enough! January and most of February.

But wait! I can explain!

My wonderful hubby retired from the US Army after 23 years of active duty service.
I am so proud of him, and his dedicated service to the Army, and to our country. It's one of those strangely poignant times in your life where you're happy, but you're also a little sad. We've had some wonderful farewell dinners to attend with dear friends, and co-workers, people who are more like family to us now. And the retirement ceremony itself, where my husband called for the pass and review of the troops.

I've always loved pass and review, the ceremony of the troops marching by in formation...

...the Army Half Section...

...and the Army band playing "The Caisson's Go Rolling Along." Lastly, we sing "Old Soldier's Never Die." Like I said, happy, but sad.

It's a strange transition for both of us into the civilian world. We were both raised in the military lifestyle. Both of our fathers were career military. Except for about a seven year span during college we've never really known any other life. It has been quite a ride. This life of service has allowed us to live places like Hawaii, Germany, Alaska, and all over the United States, and my husband has been to the middle east, and beyond. We've never lived anywhere more than 4 years...until now. And it looks like we'll happily be calling southwest Oklahoma home. And the fabulous experiences we've had, and the incredible people we've met, and unbelievable friends we've made...okay, I'm teary now!

So as we say goodbye to our old life, and hello to our new one, and my husband takes off his uniform for the last time, I thank all of you for your friendship, and support, whether it's in real life, or just in the blog world. And for continuing to follow Turkey Creek Lavender on this journey. I look forward to enlarging the lavender farm, and the garden, perhaps adding some chickens and goats to the mix, growing the soap making business, and just following this passion and seeing where it all takes me.

And I promise to catch you up on the other activities and escapades of the last month and a half. Oh yes...there's more to come!!



Cocobong Soaps said…
Nice to hear back from you and thank you for sharing your story. One chapter closed, a new one opens! How exciting!
Cathy said…
You are so right! And since I always see the glass as half full the sky's the limit! Can't wait for the next chapter.
Katie said…
Wow, wish I could have been there!
Cathy said…
So do I! We missed you!
Cat said…
Congratulations on the retirement!

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