Turkey Creek Lavender

Turkey Creek Lavender

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Next on my Agenda this Summer...The Lawton Farmer's Market...And a Farm to Table Food Challenge Just for You!

I've been at the Lawton Farmer's Market on Saturdays this summer, unless I had another event to attend, but more on that later.

  It's a wonderful blessing to be able to do the farmer's market each week. I love getting to interact with the customers and talk about lavender in its many forms. We chat about cooking with lavender and exchange recipe ideas, about how to use lavender when cooking with the wide variety of fruits and vegetables available there at the market, the aromatherapeutic benefits and how to use lavender for that, too, as well as what to do with bundles and buds, and the soaps. We chat alot about the soaps. Because only essential oils are used in the soaps they, too, become a form of aromatherapy, which leads to lots of wonderful conversation about the different properties of each one.
Tipton Valley Honey is usually there with their wonderful honey products. I take a tablespoon of their honey every day, with 1/8th of a teaspoon of bee pollen and I swear it helps my allergies and gives me energy.

Check out Murphy Farms peaches, apples and extensive produce. You can even pre-order large quantities, like if you want to try our hand at canning green beans or making pickles or jam this summer for Christmas gifts--just like Martha Stewart!

And a few of the other wonderful vendors with their beautiful produce...

...and this is just a few of our vendors. There are the marvelous farm fresh eggs with their rich and creamy yolks, and right now lots of beautiful and delicious melons from Rush Springs and the surrounding area, the local iris society has been bringing iris rhizomes to sell, and Pepper Creek Farms has been bringing their yummy food products, like jams, jellies, relishes and so on.

So here's your challenge for next weekend. Go to the Lawton Farmer's Market and purchase all you will need for a Farm to Table feast. People all over the country are doing this. Perhaps the protein can be your eggs, or make it a vegan meal. What a fun challenge! You will be reaping the benefits of buying directly from a small farmer, one that you have met face to face, nutrient-rich fresh food, and salmonella-free eggs, and helping the local economy. I made a wonderful frittata with zucchini, onions, and peppers this weekend, followed by fresh canteloupe with lavender salt. Mmmmm! Oh, and don't forget to stop by and pick up a pack of Turkey Creek Lavender Culinary Lavender or Herbs de Provence de Oklahoma!

Oh the adventure! Remember the challenge now. I'll see you Saturday!


The Puppy Update You've All Been Waiting For

Okay, so I've been hearing about my serious lack of postings this last month. This was one of those months that basically kicked my behind. So let me bring you up to date on what's been going on...

First, and foremost, the puppies have all gone to live with their new families.
This is my favorite picture of all the puppy pictures I took. Don't you just love it?!!  Don't you just want to scoop him up for a big hug?!! This is George, and he is a happy member of the Ross family.

This adorable little girl is Reba, and she went to live with the Johnston family.

This is the Rodriguez family, and they took home not one, but two, adorable little males so they could each have one.

This is Gunner, who will go to live in California in September with his new family, the Howell's. Until then, he gets to hang out here and play with Sookie and the big dogs. Which I love, because I get to have multiple puppies around a bit longer!

Lastly, Lilly and Oscar went home to live with Kory, Tammy Lynn, and their family.

And that leaves my Sweet Sookie. Don't let the docile demeanor fool you. She's a feisty little girl, who tries to chew everything, but I love her.

I have to confess, the puppy experience was a fantastic one. I loved each and every puppy, and yes, I shed quite a few tears after each one left.  It's virtually impossible not to become attached when you deliver them, and take care of them hour upon hour, day in and day out. I hold each one of them in my heart and am so thankful to all of the families who have given them such wonderful new homes. Thank you.

Well, that's one update. Next I will let you know what's been going on with Turkey Creek Lavender, and where the hubby and I were able to steal away to for a few days. So stay tuned, and if you aren't a follower yet, please join so you can stay updated on the who, what, where, and when of TCL!

Until next time, warmest regards,


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